Tips For An All White Summer Party


all white partyAll white summer parties continue to be a popular party theme.  This creates a cohesive environment, ambiance, and drama with minimal effort. It’s also a fun way to involve your guests in the overall event, and make them part of the decor.  If you’re thinking about throwing an all white party this summer, here are some great tips to make a crisp, clean, fabulous, and memorable party!

Tips For An All White Summer Party

White Attire.  When you invite guests to your all white party, be sure tell them it includes white attire too.  Inevitably not all your guests will dress in all white.  Some will accessorize in white, or wear all red.  Either way, don’t let that upset you or take away from enjoying your fabulous party.

White Drink.  Summer parties should be light and fresh just like the season.  Consider serving clear alcoholic beverages, such as a mojito, white sangria, or pina colada cocktail.  Offering crisp white wine and beer selections are good options. Include non-alcoholic white and clear beverages, such as sparkling white grape juice also.  

White Food.  It could be difficult and gastronomically boring to serve all white foods. Instead, consider serving spill friendly food items (tomato based dishes are a no-no).  Be sure to keep your summer party menu items light and fresh.   

White Decor.  Decorating in a mono-chromatic shade is a very eye catching idea, and can work with any budget (we mention this in the blog post “Decorating An Event Using The 5 Senses“).  Spread the all white theme throughout the party space.  Use white table clothes, napkins, serving platters, etc.  If you find decorating in one color problematic, incorporate different shades of white into the decor.  Varied shades of a color adds a rich dimension to your event.  Complete your white decor with arrangements of lovely white flowers (white roses mixed with lilies, camellia, huge white blooms of white hydrangea and white orchids are great options).

White Atmosphere.  Ambiance is important for any gathering.  Depending on the mood you want to create, consider having your all white summer party at sunset.  Illuminate the party space with glowing no flame candles.  Also, stringing white Christmas lights (a.k.a Italian lights) around the party space creates a chic, sexy, intimate environment.  If you want to have the party during the day, tie white paper pom-poms to the ceiling, walls, or tree limbs if the event is outside.

What tips do you have for throwing an all white summer party?


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