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Decorating An Event Using The 5 Senses

When most people think of decorating for an event, they think of linen color, centerpieces, streamers, flower arrangements, and balloons.  These items are purchased, arranged perfectly, and voila!…decorating for the event is complete!  Or is it?  An event’s decor does

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Q&A: When should we have an engagement party?

A new wedding client had a question about their engagement party: Q:  When should my fiance and I have an engagement party?  Our wedding date is in December 2015.  We don’t want to have it too early or too late.

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Do you need an Event Gladiator?

do you need an event gladiator?

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How Well Do You Know Your Wedding Budget?

Plan on getting married?  Congratulations!  You may have a wedding budget, but: How well do you know your budget? Do you understand what the budget represents?   Once couples have a complete view of what the wedding budget includes, the

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Government Shutdown Impacting Weddings?

The government shutdown not only affects government services, agencies, and employees, but it could also impact weddings.  See how one couple’s wedding day could be ruined by the government shutdown. . . Read full story

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Healthy Snacks for the Bride-To-Be

Every bride wants to look fabulous on her wedding day.  For the bride watching her waistline, try these tasty low-calorie snack recipes from Delish (for a complete list of refer to 18 low-calorie, Healthy Snacks for Brides): Lemon-Parm Popcorn Mini

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Wearing gloves on your wedding day

I recently worked with a bride who wanted to wear gloves on her wedding day. She was apprehensive about it because she didn’t know which gloves to wear, or how to work with gloves during the ceremony and reception. Personally, I

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Children on the wedding guest list – Yay or Nay?

Should the wedding guest list include children – Yay or Nay? This is a hot topic for couples working on their wedding guest list.  For some couples, not inviting children is a cost and space issue. For other couples, weddings are

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To hire or not to hire an event planner – that is the question

“I was too tired and stressed to enjoy myself”, “I wish I could have spent more time with my guests” are common complaints from those that planned and coordinated their own parties or events.  Hiring an event planner can eliminate

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AKB Events Meeting and Event management

AKB Events blog is written with the client in mind.  Our blog serves as a resource to provide: meeting/event planning tips gained from 6 years of planning experience, a forum for discussing meeting/event planning trends and issues, and “Make it

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