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Confessions of a Perfectionist

I’ll admit it. . . Hi!  My name is Kamil, and I am a perfectionist.  I believe this trait lived dormant in me for years, and became more prominent as I aged.  It’s possible subconsciously I chose careers that satisfied the

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Are you promised a goodie bag?

I belong to multiple Facebook groups regarding various topics, and audiences.  I joined these groups to stay current on what people are talking about, excited about, and concerned about.  In one of the groups a women had posted that she was

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How Well Do You Know Your Wedding Budget?

Plan on getting married?  Congratulations!  You may have a wedding budget, but: How well do you know your budget? Do you understand what the budget represents?   Once couples have a complete view of what the wedding budget includes, the

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Government Shutdown Impacting Weddings?

The government shutdown not only affects government services, agencies, and employees, but it could also impact weddings.  See how one couple’s wedding day could be ruined by the government shutdown. . . Read full story

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