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Go Flame-less!

Always consider safety for any event, party, gathering, etc. you’re planning.  I read the following article about flame-less candles, and thought it was worth sharing.  Enjoy and be safe! Don’t Play With Fire – Go Flame-less! For evening events, few of

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Bounce House Saftey Tips

Bounce houses are a favorite attraction at a child’s party.  They’re fun, and a great opportunity for kids to burn off the sugar they’ve eaten!  Every so often, you’ll see news stories about a bounce house that blew away.  If you’re having

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To hire or not to hire an event planner – that is the question

“I was too tired and stressed to enjoy myself”, “I wish I could have spent more time with my guests” are common complaints from those that planned and coordinated their own parties or events.  Hiring an event planner can eliminate

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