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Decorating An Event Using The 5 Senses

When most people think of decorating for an event, they think of linen color, centerpieces, streamers, flower arrangements, and balloons.  These items are purchased, arranged perfectly, and voila!…decorating for the event is complete!  Or is it?  An event’s decor does

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Confessions of a Perfectionist

I’ll admit it. . . Hi!  My name is Kamil, and I am a perfectionist.  I believe this trait lived dormant in me for years, and became more prominent as I aged.  It’s possible subconsciously I chose careers that satisfied the

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6 Business Event Etiquette Tips

Knowledge of business protocol and etiquette is necessary for anyone engaged in local, national, or global business.  The word “etiquette” tends to get a bad rap for being perceived as stuffy, old-fashioned, or pretentious connotation.  The truth is, being polite, courteous, and appropriate,

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A Summer Event Must Have: Infused Water

For this summer’s parties and events, add a variety of infused waters to your menu.  This is a bright, refreshing, healthy beverage option with many benefits!  First, it’s a low cost beverage option.  Second, it can add a personal touch to your gathering. Finally, your guests will

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Why “Champagne Taste On A Beer Budget” Doesn’t Work

There are certain phrases professional event planners strongly dislike.  “Champagne taste on a beer budget” is one of them.  First, it’s mathematically impossible.  Focusing solely on price, the price points referenced in this statement will not yield the same quality,

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Do you need an Event Gladiator?

do you need an event gladiator?

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Go Flame-less!

Always consider safety for any event, party, gathering, etc. you’re planning.  I read the following article about flame-less candles, and thought it was worth sharing.  Enjoy and be safe! Don’t Play With Fire – Go Flame-less! For evening events, few of

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Tips For Successful Meetings

The key to having successful meetings hinges on a single point:  satisfy goals that produce results.  A meeting that does not satisfy goals or produce results is pointless.  Follow these three tips, and you’re on your way to having a successful

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To hire or not to hire an event planner – that is the question

“I was too tired and stressed to enjoy myself”, “I wish I could have spent more time with my guests” are common complaints from those that planned and coordinated their own parties or events.  Hiring an event planner can eliminate

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AKB Events Meeting and Event management

AKB Events blog is written with the client in mind.  Our blog serves as a resource to provide: meeting/event planning tips gained from 6 years of planning experience, a forum for discussing meeting/event planning trends and issues, and “Make it

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