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Etiquette – What It’s Really About

I was cleaning up after an event. A little girl comes up to me, points to a bag of candy and says, “Excuse me, can I have a piece of candy, please?”  I said, “Because you were polite, said “excuse

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Too Much Gift Information In Child Birthday Party Invitation

It’s become popular to send online party invitations via social media or emails.  As expected, the virtual invitations (along with invitations sent through the mail) include the pertinent party information:  date, time, location, theme.  Lately, more and more invitations include

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6 Business Event Etiquette Tips

Knowledge of business protocol and etiquette is necessary for anyone engaged in local, national, or global business.  The word “etiquette” tends to get a bad rap for being perceived as stuffy, old-fashioned, or pretentious connotation.  The truth is, being polite, courteous, and appropriate,

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Do You Know How To Apologize?

How to apologize is a topic that’s quite popular these days.  There’s a right and wrong way to apologize.  The Esquire Guy provides an entertaining, yet informative, video that breaks it down.

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Easter Gift Giving Etiquette

Here’s the situation:  you’re been invited to an Easter Brunch.  Should you bring a gift? What if your host is not a Christian, but you are (or vice versa)? Easter gift giving etiquette is really a matter of good taste

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AKB Events Top 10 Tips For Being a Good Guest

There are many articles, blog posts, and tips for being a good host/hostess.  With the holiday season upon us, here are AKB Events top 10 tips for being a good guest. RSVP as soon as you receive the invitation. A

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Etiquette for Halloween?

Is there etiquette for Halloween?  Emily Post says there is. . . Good Halloween Manners Five Things You Should Know About: Good Halloween Manners Remind your little goblin not to be greedy; one piece of candy from  each house is

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Easy Steps For Setting a Formal Table

A client recently asked me, “How do you remember the order to place flatware and glassware when setting a formal table”?  I shared with her 2 methods for remembering how to set a formal table:  the FORKS method, and the

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AKB Events Meeting and Event management

AKB Events blog is written with the client in mind.  Our blog serves as a resource to provide: meeting/event planning tips gained from 6 years of planning experience, a forum for discussing meeting/event planning trends and issues, and “Make it

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