7 fun ideas for celebrating Best Friend’s Day

June 8th is Best Friends Day.  I would place Best Friend’s Day in the same category of importance as Mother’s and Father’s Day.  Our friends are the family we choose.  Best friends are a necessity of life.  They help us through

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Are you promised a goodie bag?

I belong to multiple Facebook groups regarding various topics, and audiences.  I joined these groups to stay current on what people are talking about, excited about, and concerned about.  In one of the groups a women had posted that she was

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Party Planning vs. Event Planning

Recently I attended a networking event.  I introduced myself (as I always do) as a party and event planner.  On more than one occasion I was asked: aren’t party planning and event planning the same?  The answer is:  they are similar,

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Etiquette – What It’s Really About

I was cleaning up after a party. A little girl comes up to me, points to a bag of candy and says, “Excuse me, can I have a piece of candy, please?”  I said, “Because you were polite, said “excuse

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Tips on Planning a Successful Charity Event

Planning a successful charity event involves a lot of work.  Here are some helpful tips for planning your next charity event. Ask and you shall receive. It is important to state specifically want you want from donors.  If you need

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Q&A: When should we have an engagement party?

A new wedding client had a question about their engagement party: Q:  When should my fiance and I have an engagement party?  Our wedding date is in December 2015.  We don’t want to have it too early or too late.

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Halloween Playlist

Hey ghouls & goblins! Are you in need of music to hand out trick-or-treat candy or hosting a ghostly Halloween party? Set the scene by adding these crowd favorites to your Halloween playlist!  Some of the songs don’t follow the

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Fall Fashion: Tie On A Scarf

I love scarves.  They are the perfect Fall accessory.  The lovely colors, patterns, and fabrics make them both functional and fashionable. If you’re like me, you like the look scarves create, but don’t know how create the look yourself.  Click

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Tips For Your Next Tailgate

Over the last 10 years, I’ve become a football fan (college football is my favorite).  Tailgates are so much fun!  Cooking-out with your friends and family, and rooting for your favorite team makes for an exciting afternoon of football!  As any tailgater knows,

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Too Much Gift Information In Child Birthday Party Invitation

It’s become popular to send online party invitations via social media or emails.  As expected, the virtual invitations (along with invitations sent through the mail) include the pertinent party information:  date, time, location, theme.  Lately, more and more invitations include

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