7 fun ideas for celebrating Best Friend’s Day


June 8th is Best Friends Day.  I would place Best Friend’s Day in the same category of importance as Mother’s and Father’s Day.  Our friends are the family we choose.  Best friends are a necessity of life.  They help us through difficult times, celebrate fabulous times, and laugh uncontrollably at the funny times.  They are the ones where little moments create long lasting memories. pablo (4) 

The beauty of best friends are they exist in different capacities.  A best friend could be one you talk to everyday and see often because you live close to each other.   A best friend could be one who lives across the country, but you talk so frequently, you forget they’re not a short drive away.  Or a best friend could be the person you don’t see or talk to regularly, but when you do,  it’s like no time has passed at all!  The one thing these friendships have in common is a strong and genuine bond.  

So, let’s celebrate our BFF(s), and make plans to
celebrate a special bond!  Here are 7 fun ideas for celebrating Best Friend’s Day:

  • Movie Marathon –  Have a movie night full of childhood favorite movies.
  • Relaxation – Invite everyone over for a home spa day.
  • Hit the streets – Check out local street fairs and festivals.
  • Dinner in with BFF(s) – Have a fabulous night in by cooking your favorite recipes and trying new ones. 
  • Signatures of friendship – Make fun, colorful cocktails and give them signature names to give homage to a great memory.
  • Chit-chat – Simply pick up the phone and have a gab fest.  
  • Get out and explore – Find free museum days and explore new things and cultures.

Most importantly, remember every day is a great day to celebrate friendships.  What other ways do you celebrate your best friend(s)?

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