45 Egg-cellent Non-Candy Items To Hide In Easter Eggs


Any parent putting together an Easter egg hunt knows the classic items to hide in the eggs:  Peeps, chocolate eggs, jelly beans, etc.  I was talking to a friend recently, and she was looking for non-candy items to put inside the eggs.  Easter candy is great, but the last thing you want are kids buzzing around on a sugar high.  Here’s a list of 45 non-candy items to hide in Easter eggs:

easter egg filler2

45 Egg-cellent Non-Candy Items To Hide In Easter Eggs

  1. Mini Pretzels
  2. Money
  3. Hair clips
  4. Marbles
  5. Erasers
  6. Stick-on Tattoos
  7. Finger Puppets
  8. Fruit Snacks
  9. Small figurines
  10. Lego
  11. Raisins
  12. Small Toy Car
  13. Magnetic Letters
  14. Fish Crackers
  15. Bracelets
  16. Bouncy Ball
  17. Mini Bubbles
  18. Mini Lip Balm/Lip gloss
  19. Colorful Shoe Laces
  20. Nuts
  21. Beads & string (to make a bracelet)
  22. Nail Stickers
  23. Ring
  24. Character band-aids
  25. Glow in the dark stars
  26. Stickers
  27. Popcorn
  28. Mini Nail polish
  29. Play Dough
  30. Keychain
  31. Earrings
  32. Puzzle pieces- put the puzzle together to make sure you got all the eggs
  33. Magic Grow Toys                
  34. Marbles
  35. Set of Jacks
  36. Army men
  37. Necklaces
  38. Whistle
  39. Yo-Uo
  40. Mini Slinkie
  41. Jokes on sheets of paper
  42. Plastic Bugs
  43. Mini Dinosaurs
  44. Balloons
  45. Sea Shells

What non-candy items would you place inside Easter eggs?

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